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(Updated August 2011)


Objectives of the Selection Policy
1. To ensure consistency with the aims of the Club and the League. OWFC will encourage players to play for the Club, rather than a team.
2. To fulfil all fixtures, with each team selected according to correct playing standards.
3. To ensure all players are treated fairly.
4. To select sides in strength order from the 1st Team downwards.
5. To encourage movement between the teams, thus reducing any team squad culture.

The following guidelines are to be abided by all Captains and players. They have been developed and agreed by the current Captains and the Club Committee.

Guideline number of Players to be selected on the Teamsheet

The normal number of players to be selected for each team will be 13.

Any side playing in a cup quarter final or beyond may select up to 14 players.


1. Initial selection will take place on Saturday evening. All Captains will give their selections to the Team Secretary, who will then draw up a Provisional Team List.

2. Any player who is dropped from, or called up to, a side will start the game for the new side. No regular player should be dropped or called up more than 1 team.

3. Players must be willing to play for higher or lower sides as selected.

4. Captains should provide by midday Monday any minor changes to selection (injuries, etc…). Teamsheets will be issued by midday Tuesday with the captain’s best team selected.

5. Once all team places are full, all remaining players form an ‘Extras’ pool.

6. (i) During the period from midday Tuesday to Thursday 7pm: - any players dropping out should inform their captain. He will then inform the Team Secretary, who will record their names. Captains should consider accepting a reduction of 1 player from the teamsheet. Captains may replace any drop outs arising by either; -

a)              calling a player up from the team below, or

b)           taking a player from the Extras pool.

6. (ii) From Thursday 7pm, any players dropping out should inform their Captain AND the Team Secretary, who will record this information. Any player dropping out at this stage will automatically be placed in the Extras pool the following week, unless otherwise agreed by the Team Secretary.

7. From Thursday 7pm, for any drop outs that cannot be replaced by Extras players, the Captain will be responsible for replacing the player lost. Other Captains are not obliged to give up players after this deadline, although mutual support between Captains to help each other in such circumstances will always be encouraged.

8. If a team (other than the lowest) is struggling for players after the Thursday 7pm deadline and Captains cannot mutually resolve any team shortfalls then the Chairman and Team Secretary will make a final decision regarding team selections.

9. The Chairman (or Vice Chairman in his absence) shall have the final say in the event of any dispute over player selection.

10. Full player Selection Meetings will be held on a regular basis, chaired by the Team Secretary and attended by the Chairman, Vice Chairman, with the following agenda:

a)              Review of each team’s current performance

b)           Selection of players to individual teams

c)              Review of drop outs

d)           Review of non payers

11. Any players who are concerns either regarding their availability or the prompt payment of subs will be discussed at Committee Meetings. In some cases, the Team Secretary may wish to see the player in person to discuss the matter.

12. Any Captain may raise concerns at the Club Committee and any player may raise concerns with any Club Committee Member.